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Farm and Ranch

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Farm & Ranch Structures to protect your valuable equipment and stock It came to you in a dream…Buy the farm! So, you bought the farm. Now what? We know it’s a little daunting. Stay calm.  We know what’s next and we are ready to help. You can call us to talk about

Dome Roof Patios

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Dome Roof Patios Elegant roof line accents your alfresco area The modern style of a dome roof patio creates a functional outdoor living area that provides additional height to extend views from the interior of your home and allow fitting fans and other accessories.  The dome roof can also be integrated with

Flat Roof Patios

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Flat Roof Patios A Practical Outdoor Living Area for any home A flat roof patio creates a functional outdoor living area that provides maximum living space for minimum cost.  The design is simple and smooth and perfect for homes that need unobstructed views from second story windows or existing wide soffits.  My

Pool and spa enclosures

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Carports, Steel Carports, Timber Carports Protect yourself and your car from the elements Custom designed using a wide range of materials our carports are the perfect option to protect your car from the rain and the sun's harmful UV rays. And your carport will not only protect you and your car from the elements

Steel Carports

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Steel Carports for Home Business & Commercial. Protect your vehicles from damaging sun, rain & hail. Any vehicle is a hefty investment. Shouldn’t you protect that investment from sun damage, wind, rain, hail?  We think so. At My Patio we use our custom-designed, fit to a carport